Your Indie Alehouse Guide to Quarantine Beers

Sure, we’re all stuck in lockdown but we might as well make the best of it right? We’ve actually done some research on our own time and we found out that beer makes physical distancing better. As a matter of fact we’ve even taken it to the next level and paired off some of our more popular brews with your favourite quarantine activities! Even better, we’re offering free Toronto delivery if you live within M2-M9 postal codes and order a minimum of 12 units!

So after some necessary experimenting, we’ve determined that these are the best activities for some of our currently available brews:

  1. Stay Home – All Season Pale Ale
  • Activity pairing: Wholesome indoor activities such as knitting or baking bread
  • Description: Starting with the most obvious and appropriately-titled choice, this delicious brew has a refreshing hit of cascade hops that will make the most of your favourite quarantine hobbies!
  1. Cockpuncher – IIPA
  • Activity Pairing: Binge watching TV shows and eating all of the snacks
  • Description: We’ve brought this big and bold brew back, and it’s stronger than ever. Coming in at 11% and perfectly sized in 355mL cans, this brew goes best with a bowl of popcorn and a comfy seat on the couch. 
  1. I Bring the Party – Blueberry Basil Wit
  • Activity Pairing: Zoom dance parties
  • Description: A first time brew for us and we’re loving its blueberry tartness and basil essence. Bring the party to your next Zoom/Skype/FaceTime call with this easy drinking gem. Even better, organize a virtual beer tasting with your pals!
  1. Red Prophet – Blonde Ale with Sour Cherries, Boysenberries, and Raspberries
  • Activity Pairing: Listening to your quarantine playlist for the 1000th time
  • Description: This easy drinking ruby-hued ale is unbelievably fruity and oh so delicious. Best enjoyed while singing along to the songs you now know every lyric to. 
  1. Breakfast Porter – English Porter
  • Activity Pairing: Breakfast Beer?
  • Description: This Indie Alehouse classic is unbelievably smooth with a coffee and chocolate character that could be the perfect start to your day… It’s 5 O’clock somewhere right? We won’t judge. 
  1. Burning Boat – Barley Wine
  • Activity Pairing: Cooking yourself a four course meal
  • Description: This beer is big, rich, malty and sweet and it works perfectly as a dessert or a pre-bedtime beer. Coming in at 11.9% we highly recommend enjoying this one with some hearty food followed by a nice quarantine nap.
  1. Love Triangle – Three Hop IPA
  • Activity Pairing: Playing Animal Crossing or Mariokart for hours on end
  • Description: For all of you lucky folks with Nintendo switches – enjoy your favourite games a little more with this IPA that includes Columbus, Cascade and Ekuanot hops!
  1. Up and at Them – American Wheat Ale with Tangerine and Mango
  • Activity pairing: Safe sunny beers
  • Description: Who says patio season is cancelled? This deliciously fruity brew is absolutely perfect for the warmer days where you can sit on your porch, lawn, patio or frankly just stick your head out the window to soak up some sun.
  1. Instigator IPA – West Coast IPA
  • Activity Pairing: Teaching yourself how to play guitar
  • Description: Our classic West Coast IPA is best accompanied by any tune except for Wonderwall.
  1. Memento Mori – Oatmeal Stout
  • Activity Pairing: Getting lost in the black hole that is YouTube
  • Description: Take a journey to the strangest parts of the internet with a deliciously smooth dark beer.
  1. Days in Between – Oat Pale Ale
  • Activity Pairing: Beer Yoga
  • Description: Get your daily workout and daily beer in at the same time! This easy drinking brew is smooth with a slightly hoppy kick that will keep you centered and refreshed.
  1. Bionda – Italian Pilsner
  • Activity Pairing: Quarantine Hairstyling
  • Description: In desperate need of a haircut but too afraid of botching it? Well here we offer you liquid courage. Just try to avoid the urge cutting your own bangs.
  1. Shadow Chaser – IPA
  • Activity Pairing: Obscene amounts of online shopping
  • Description: We’re all doing it… might as well pair it with a deliciously dank and hazy IPA. While you’re at it, might as well order more beer online right? 
  1. Lemonade Stand – Lemon and Lactose Sour
  • Activity Pairing: Post workout beer
  • Description: If you’re a do-gooder and actually managed to work out during quarantine, you deserve a reward. Treat yourself with a blast of refreshing citrusy tartness! 

We’re delivering all of these brews and a few more, so be sure to check out our online bottle shop for the most updated list of what’s available!

Don’t live in Toronto within M2-M9 postal codes? No problem! Here are all of our all of our currently available shipping options:

  • Free delivery within postal codes M2 - M9: 12 unit minimum, use code YYZDelivery at checkout to waive the shipping fee. Delivery within 1-2 days of order (excluding weekends).
  • For postal codes M1 and L0A - L9Z we’re offering $15 flat rate shipping: 12 unit minimum, add the $15 Flat Rate Delivery item to your shopping cart AND enter code 15flatrate to waive the shipping fee. Delivery within 2-4 days of order (excluding weekends).
  • Living elsewhere in Ontario? Not a problem! Our online bottle shop is running as per usual. Simply order what you would like and wait for it to arrive!

 For all other inquiries, please email! Stay safe friends! 

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