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So you just ordered beer from Indie Alehouse’s online shop or you’re about to… Now what?

First of all, Thank you! We are very excited for you to try out some new brews or enjoy an old favourite!



A guide & FAQ regarding Indie Alehouse Beer delivery:


1. What delivery options do I have available to me?  

Based on your location, use one of the following delivery options:

-FREE TORONTO DELIVERY: Valid for postal codes M2 to M9, add a minimum of 12 units to your cart and continue through to checkout. Once your postal code has been added, your shipping fee will automatically be waived! Deliveries go out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so you should receive your order within 1-2 business days.

-$15 FLAT RATE GREATER TORONTO DELIVERY: Valid for postal codes M1 as well as L0A-L9Z - add the $15 Flat Rate item to your cart along with a minimum order of 12 units and enter code 15flatrate at checkout! You should receive your order within 2-4 business days.

-LIVING ELSEWHERE IN ONTARIO: We're still operating our regular Ontario-wide delivery service from our online bottle shop. All you need to do is select what you want to order and check out! Your beer will be delivered within a few business days through our affiliated courier service (ICS).



2. How do I order beer?

Head to 



3. Who is delivering my beer?

If you’re ordering to Toronto, the GTA, or Kitchener/Waterloo, Indie Alehouse Employees will be delivering your beer. If you order through our Ontario-wide delivery service, ICS will be delivering your package.



4. Will my order arrive at my door?

Yes, we are delivering the packages to your door step



5. Do I need to be home to receive my package?

Yes, please make sure you’re home to received your package on your estimated delivery day.



6. I live in an apartment building/Condo, will you be dropping it off to my door?

No, please meet your delivery down in the lobby of your building, or better yet, outside!



7. My order has arrived! What do I do?

  1. Stay back, we will place your order by your door before ringing/knocking and then also stand back
  2. Have your ID ready
  3. Grab that beer, give the bottles/cans a wash and get them in the fridge!
  4. Enjoy!



8. What time do I have to order by to get in on the M,W,F drops for Toronto delivery?

If you get your order in by 8pm Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday your order will make the delivery for sure.

Sometimes we are incredibly efficient and can get those early morning orders made up an ready to go but we cannot guarantee it.



9. I received my order on a Saturday one time, are you lying about your delivery dates?

We sure aren’t! Sometimes when we see a lot of orders building up quickly, we decide to go out an extra day so the next delivery day isn’t extremely long for our driver(s). Consider this a bonus, not the standard.



10. What happens if I have missed my delivery?

Your order will be brought back to the brew pub and sent out again on the next delivery day.

If you want to pick it up before the next delivery day you are more than welcome just give us a call ahead of time so we can have it ready in the bottle shop for you.



11. I’m running low on beer what do I do?!?!

Repeat Step 2!




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Next Local Delivery Date for Toronto is December 30th. We do offer pick up as an option at checkout.

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