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#LiveINDIE Nominations

Do you know a small business owner who's turned their world upside-down to survive during lockdown? How about an artist who has used their creativity to help others? Or perhaps someone's rich, time-travelling uncle who has a COVID cure from the future? We're open to all suggestions but tell us how this person is an example of "Live Indie" and has enriched the community.

Nominate them and tell us their stories on social media, using the hashtag #LiveIndie. If selected, we'll deliver an Indie care package (hint: it's beer) to them, from you & us.

We'll select as many as we can each month - hopefully we can a small difference in getting through the winter, beating the pandemic, and fending off the alien invasion.

Start thinking about who you think fits the #LiveIndie spirit, and we'll start packing the beer.


*Nominees must be of legal drinking age. Nominees must also grant permission for us to share the story of how awesome they are and ideally like beer, but we assume because they are awesome they will.

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