Our patio is now open!

"Angie, Angie; where will it lead us from here?"

Enough with the Rolling Stones, guess who's back?? Angie worked with us for 6 years when we opened 10 years ago, and yesterday marked her first day back with us at the Indie brewpub 💙

Angie is an absolute "beer knowledge rockstar", so be sure to ask her lots of  craft beer-related questions🤘

Her favourite Indie beer? Our Breakfast Porter

English Oat Porter

This beer is good enough to eat. Made with lots of oats and malted grains, our Breakfast Porter gives off a smooth, coffee and chocolate character. There was a time when the whole world drank porters. Those were good times.

ABV: 7.2%

Key Ingredients: Roasted malts, oats
Bottle Size: 500mL

Click Here to check out our online bottle shop.

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