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Growler Club

Growler Club 2019 is now on sale!

See below for details.


A lot has changed in the craft beer scene in Toronto since we opened in 2012, our Growler Club is no exception.


When we opened we had a very limited number of packaged beers available, so the Growler Club was very popular with people who wanted to take home more than one or two different kinds of Indie Alehouse beers.


Because we now offer so many of the beers we make in bottles, the benefits of growler club selection have changed since we started 6years ago.


For 2019 - the Growler Club will work as follows:


Returning Members with a Growler from 2012 - 2018

  • Pay $50 for 2019
  • Get first fill included
  • Can use their old growler (one of them)
  • Get $5 off the fill for any of the eligible beers - Instigator, Broken Hipster, Breakfast Porter, Rabbit of Caerbannog, Shadow Chaser Etc. are always eligible if we have them on tap.
  • Access to other beers -  Fates and Furies beers & anything on Nitro are not included normally, due to volumes & longevity.

For New Members in 2019, or Members who need a new Growler


Cost - $100

Includes – New growler (chosen from selection in the Indie Alehouse bottle shop)*, 1 fill, & access to the taps (see above) for the 2019 calendar year


Please NOTE:


Membership is not transferable

Valid for the 2019 Calendar year (if membership is purchased in May, Membership still ends in December 2019. Price will not be prorated)

Indie Alehouse is not responsible for replacing Broken Growlers. Replacement growlers can be purchased while supplies last.
Please clean your growler before bringing it back to be filled.

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